Allen Powers, MSME, PE

Allen Powers

Allen's professional work began at NASA in the early 80s, working on early Space Shuttle flights and Ground Support Equipment design.  After leaving NASA, he continued working in Huntsville, Alabama on projects which include hypersonic missile interceptors, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and Space Station telerobotics and support equipment. 

His involvement with motor vehicles began working in a service station while in high school.  Early mechanic experience ranged from oil changes and brake jobs to rebuilding engines.  He continued this interest earning Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama.

Allen began accident reconstruction work while at the University of Alabama in the early 80s, in association with Julian Doughty.  This relationship grew until the creation of Doughty and Powers Engineering in 1997.  Doughty and Powers Engineering consulted on matters involving Mechanical Engineering and motor vehicle accident reconstruction and investigation.  Along the way, Allen also taught undergraduate engineering classes at the University of Alabama and was director of the Mechanical Engineering Design Clinic.

To date, Allen has been involved in over 1500 fatality or serious injury accidents.  He has reconstructed accidents from South America to Canada and from California to New Jersey and most places in between.  Motor vehicle reconstruction experience includes single and multi-vehicle collisions, tractor trailers, motorcycles, trains, pedestrian and rollover accidents.  He also specializes in 'black box' EDR data for both tractor trailer ECM and passenger vehicle airbag module data retrieval and analysis.  He has taught classes to engineers and law enforcement personnel on the collection, preservation and analysis of Commercial Vehicle ECM and passenger vehicle EDR data.

 A copy of Allen Powers’ resume / CV is available here:

allen_powers_cv.pdf (33.5 KB)