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3 Axis

Passenger Vehicle Accidents

3 Axis Engineering has both developed and acquired the latest techniques for analyzing passenger vehicle accidents including:

  • Vehicle data recorder downloading and interpretation
  • Vehicle inspection, photographing, measuring
  • Accident site measurement with our Leica 1203 total station
  • Overhead photography with specially developed truck mounted, wireless camera system
  • Photogrammetric techniques to reproduce accurate accident data from photographs long after the event occurred
  • Vehicle speed determination using techniques such crush energy, delta-V, momentum, tire skid analysis
  • Rollover analysis
  • Crash simulation with HVE-3D
  • Vehicle instrumentation and testing
  • Surveillance video analysis
  • Line-of-sight and visibility video and photography

Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle Data Downloading

Vehicle-Mounted Camera


Crash Simulation

Overhead Photography


Vehicle Test Instrumentation

Crash Testing